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Salvador Macip, Lab Head, Senior Lecturer

MD (1988-1994) at the Universitat de Barcelona. PhD in Medicine (Physiology/Human Genetics, 1994-1998) at the Universitat de Barcelona. Post-doctoral fellow at the Ruttenberg Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York (1998-2003). Instructor, Department of Oncological Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York (2004-2007). Lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester (2008-2015). Associate Professor (2015-) at the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Leicester.

Telephone: +44 (0)116 229 7113
Fax: +44(0)116 229 7018

Yishang Chen, Post-doctoral scientist  (2013-)

BSc in microbiology, MSc in Preventive Veterinary Medicine (Henan University of Science & Technology, and Guangxi University, China, respectively). Worked at Guangxi Center for Animal Diseases Control and Prevention. and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. PhD at University of Warwick, UK (2013). He studies the MAPK pathways in B-cell malignancies. 

Marwah Maasshi, PhD Student (2013-)

Investigates the role of Stra6 in DNA damage responses through its effects on the p53 and retinoic acid pathways.
Ghalia Shelmani, PhD Student (2014-)
Akang Ekpenyong-Akiba, PhD Student (2015-)
Konstantinos Polymeros, PhD Student (2015-)

  Vicky Smith, PhD student (2016-)
  Antonella Tabasso, PhD student (2016-)
  Gabriella Kocsis-Fodor, Lab Manager (2017-)
Marta Poblocka, PhD student (2017-)
Ionica Masgras, Erasmus Student (2009-10)
Larissa Lezina, Post-doc (2012)
Samantha Carrera, PhD Student (2009-12)
Alice Wignall, iBSc Student (2012-13)
Chris Clements, iBSc Student (2014-15)
Jesvin Samuel, PhD Student (2010-14), Post-doc (2015)
Mohammad Althubiti, PhD student (2012-2016)
Christine Stephens, Technician (2015)
Miran Rada, PhD Student (2015-16)

Diana Kuczna, iBSc Student (2015-16)
Sandra Germano, Lab Manager (2013-2016)

Neha Sabnis, MSc Student (2009)
Dean Hallam, MSc Student (2010)
Deepthi Dasari, MSc Student (2010)
Mayur Bokhiria, MSc Student (2011)
Kaori Kashi, MSc Student (2012)
Ahalya Sekhar, MSc Student (2012)
Maria Acosta, MSc Student (2013)
Mohammed Isse, MSc Student (2014)
Laura Pacheco, MSc Student (2015)
Jason Rodencal, MSc Student (2015-16)
Yu Shi, MSc Student (2017)

Martin Price, Project Student (2008)
Denula Suthaharan, Project Student (2009)
Liam Musto, Project Student (2009)
Ann Akeredolu, Project Student (2010)
Rajeeve Parmar, Project Student (2011)
Chris Jones, Project Student (2012)
Sami Kimyongur, Project Student (2012)
Nick Sillet, Project Student (2013)
Rima Basu, Project Student (2013)
Harry Waterworth, Project Student (2014)
Tim Wormull, Project Student (2014)
Christina Halm, Project Student (2015)
Justine Dacanay, Project Student (2015)
Sam Resendez, Project Student (2016)
Angie Anifalaje, Project Student (2016)

Florian Busch, Erasmus Summer Student (2008)
Marc de Manuel, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2013)
Eduard Teixidor, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2014)
JM Escorsa, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2014)
Lenny Ferreira, Erasmus Summer Student (2014)
Carlos Martínez, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2015)
Laura Castilla, Erasmus Student (2015-16)
Mireia Casulleras, Erasmus Summer/Project Student(2016)
Júlia Ortega, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2016)
Chlóe Peubez, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2017)
Yoel Sánchez, Erasmus Summer/Project Student (2017)

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M. Althubiti and S. Macip at the ICSA meeting (Santiago de Compostela, 2015)
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J. Samuel, S. Macip
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